Air Celebration, La libération a toujours été là.

Session 04 - Meditation 04 - The pure witness



Let’s settle down comfortably (or not !), welcome what is coming and focus on nothing that shows up within the movement, whether it is sensations within the body or thoughts, none of all that interests ourselves… We don’t reject, we let go…

And today I would suggest to perhaps become aware that, in the same way as when placing yourself within the observer, you will have seen that the sense « I exist » was not located within the person… In fact, it can be said that all that can be perceived, actually, can’t be what you are, can’t be the essence of what you are. And it has been seen how the observer could be perceived, and some of you were able to experiment the Self. And there, you were able to perceive, I would say, some qualities of the Self.

This means that you are neither the person, nor the observer, nor the Self, because you are able to perceive all this, and that the pure witness is always present… quiet…

[ silence ]

Thus, simply, place yourself within who perceives… There is no need for prerequisite, no need to have recognized the Self…

[ silence ]

And I invite you to try to perceive, to get this questioning within what you are, within the pure witness :
Can what you are, this pure witness, be perceived ?

[ silence ]

Don’t be carried away by any kind of experience, any kind of movement. The movement can be there, no matter… It can’t prevent the presence of the pure witness, as without this pure witness, there is no possible observation, no possible perception…

[ silence ]

Can you perceive the pure witness ?

[ silence ]

Stay vigilant to this question :

                                    You, the pure witness, can you be perceived ?

[ silence ]

I invite you to open the eyes, slowly… without fixing on anyone… Simply notice that it does not change anything for the pure witness…
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