Air Celebration, La libération a toujours été là.

        Chaos, Grace, and the return of the King  

Can you develop on the notion of Chaos, about which you have spoken some time ago?
Once Truth is unveiled, the Chaos becomes evidence: there is a spontaneous appearance and disappearance from our field of perception. From instant to instant, everything is redistributed, the whole of what we perceive.
Once Chaos is experienced, the law of causality can no longer intervene, as nothing has a cause.
Within this world, we are used to function based on an action/reaction mode. Even when this is perceived, we try to change it. But the very fact of changing is a reaction to the observation of the action/reaction.
We can call this the law of causality, it’s the same thing. We think that what occurs has a cause, and naturally, we look for the causes of what is happening to us, or we are trying to anticipate what could happen.
To live within Chaos is to live on this world, and not in this world. Chaos is the Dance of Life manifested in its whole Freedom.

However, if I drop an object, for example a glass, it’s going to fall and break …
For now, the law of causality is still effective on this world as the force fields, especially human mental, are still in action. But this is only the tip of the iceberg, an illusion of our falsified world.

What should we do to act in a fair way within this world?
Nothing in particular - the fair action does not exist. There is a difference between the fair action and the Action of Grace.  The fair action is just a construction that is going to try, relying on feelings, on observations and analysis, to come out with what seems to be fair.
The Action of Grace is supported by Life itself. It is not concerned whether that looks fair or not. It is taking place without any question being raised at any moment, and without any distinguishable objective. Besides, no question then appears. The action takes place and is followed by another action. The actions don’t need to be consistent with one another.
In the Action of Grace, the objective, the purpose is entirely left to Light. It does not concern us at all. Besides, in the Action of Grace, there is nobody who is acting, as nobody lives in this body.

How does the Action of Grace emerge, and how to act in the meantime?
The Action of Grace emerges when the personality has left the place. The Absolute, Chaos, and the Action of Grace appear to me as being intimately linked.
As long as the place is not totally left, the personality continues to hold the reins, in a way or in another, in particular by the will to good.
However, we have actions to carry out, so let us carry them out. It is not because an action is not supported by Grace that it does not deserve to be done.
Let us stop judging the soundness of such or such action. Light perfectly knows how to organize the whole of the Creation. Let us start by being affectionate with ourselves and with all our human brothers and sisters, and by looking benevolently at each of the undertaken actions.
It is sometimes disturbing to see how we judge beings acting out of Grace, simply because this does not match what we consider to be a consistent action, or an action worthy of Light. The Action of Grace leads us to realize many things whose impact we don’t necessarily understand. But what emerges from them is Love, even if it looks like anger, or looks meaningless.

It’s funny that you are speaking about that, because I was wondering why, living in the Absolute, you realize these channelings - why not just broadcast your own messages?
My body is living on this world, and it is acting on this world even if this has no meaning - seen from the Absolute. To act or not to act within this illusion does not change anything at all for the one who lives in the Absolute.
Broadcasting my own messages or those of other beings is exactly the same. It is simply the filter that is changing. It seems to me that the great richness of that is to allow sharing various vibratory “colors”, thus allowing various resonances. However, this does not concern me, and I am not looking for a meaning - neither do I try to broadcast messages. Beings present themselves in this body, and will only leave it once the message is recorded. As long as I don’t do it, I live together with this presence, which is not always easy to manage daily tasks. (laugh)

It reminds me that I see something ambiguous in the different messages: why evoke the return of Christ, whereas the Absolute seems to be the maximum space of Liberation?
There is no maximum space of Liberation, there is Liberation or not. To be half liberated, or almost liberated, is to be prisoner.
The story of Christ is a staging of the Great Alchemy. We could consider that the return in the Absolute is linked to the crucifixion / resurrection: the moment when the illusion of the existence of a person is destroyed. What appears at the same time is that there was never anybody in none of the human manifestations with whom we interact. There is just another part of the great Whole. We are thus dead at the level of the person, and alive from all Eternity. Death is defeated.
But as I was saying, there is nobody nowhere, then why exchange with what appears as “the ones and the others” who don’t exist… At the same time, we have the responsibility of moving this body on this world. This has no meaning but it’s there. So we act without worrying about the meaning of what is done, and we witness the Action of Grace deploy itself. This does not serve anybody else than Grace itself.  
There is also the moment where the Christ tells Marie: « do not touch me for I have not yet ascended to my Father ». At that time, we are Absolute, but at the level of this body, we sometimes have the sensation of being hypersensitive to Joy, to an extreme Love, and the sensation that something is happening that necessitates time, without knowing why. Like a skin that needs to build itself. It’s a feeling that cannot be described.
The coming of Christ corresponds to the completion of the Alchemy. I prefer to talk about the return of the King, the Christ being largely connoted. The return of Christ is the coming of someone within this body. We could say that the one who has recognized himself as nobody leaves his vehicle to the King, Who integrates it. The word “King” seems appropriate to me, as it is really about what is coming to reign within this person. We are all, at the same time, the Son, the Father, the King, the one who serves the King - that can’t really be grasped by mental. Let us not forget that within our eternity, we are the Whole, multi-localized, and that what is outside is inside. Thus, we also live multi-localized within our body. Our consciousness can live several facets.
By the way, I precise that I also like the expression of the return of the King, as the personality will say « I live in Christ » or « I am Christ », but it will find harder to say « I am the servant of the King » - even if we already are the King. (laugh)

Talking about a « servant » still implies duality, and not fusion/dissolution of the personality within the King whom we are…
This vision comes from the fact of seeing things in a separate way. It is the dual vision of Unity. We are One, but that does not prevent us from experiencing different visions of the One, at the level of consciousness. Christ has talked about the Son and the Father. I grant you that the word of “servant” is colored differently, but Christ has also said: « I came down from heaven not to do my own will, but the will of Him that sent me ». It did not prevent him from proclaiming: « I and my Father are One ».
It all depends on the place where your consciousness puts itself. You can place it in the Absolute, in the Father, in the Son, it does not change anything to what you Are.

Is the return of the King accompanied with vibratory experiences, or changes in consciousness?
Of course, but it is always delicate to share vibratory experiences and changes in consciousness at that level, because what is being experienced could differ between the ones and the others.
It seems to me that, regarding my own experience, the early signs were another rise of the Wave of Life, but more powerful than what I had lived until then - a wave of energy penetrating by the feet, going through the heart and then up to the sky, well above my body. That was just before a fusion of the three hearths: first, the sacrum was vibrating as never before, then joined with the heart connected to the Heart of One, then, the head crown, in turn joined with the Heart. Creating a brazier at heart level, that was enlarging itself constantly during several days, and that eventually included the whole body.
What struck me most was the intensification of the perceptions of Joy and Love, and the change in the diffusion mode. The perceptions of the world and of humanity have changed. To describe it seems to be vain, so I will not do it. This meeting with Love has allowed me to recognize the King. This royal Presence is such a delight, I would not like to waste the surprise of those who have not yet lived it - and are going there very quickly.
The last aspect that I could share is that a new circulation of the vibration takes place, with the heart of the Heart as single point of emission. The radiation joins the Earth, with a feeling similar to that of the Wave of Life, but reversed, as it is coming down from the heart towards the Earth - and with an identical flow towards the top.
But once again, this is my experience. It has to be taken with a great deal of reservation, as each encounter with the King is probably different.