Air Celebration, La libération a toujours été là.


It was there... I have been staying amazed in my armchair for hours. Then a thought popped up, « It is so easy ». I took delight in simplicity… « It is so simple »… Then another thought « It is so simple, but why didn’t all the liberated ever mention this simplicity? ». And there, I realized that all did, but that even the word simplicity was too complicated to describe the true simplicity. There are so many concepts, interpretations hidden behind a word. I could not have access to simplicity by relying on this word.
Freedom is not a matter of research it is our true nature that is hidden behind a wall of concepts on which we have built the illusion of our separation. Let’s acknowledge that knowledge has never led us to know ourselves and if we don’t know ourselves no knowledge can be reliable. Such as a house built without foundations, illusion always compels us to increase our knowledge without realizing that who does know is totally unknown for us.
Therefore let’s forget all knowledge and let’s celebrate what is there... The Celebration is to recognize that Freedom has always been there and that we had only to welcome it.